History of West Travis County MUD 5

West Travis County Municipal Utility District #5 (the District), a political subdivision of the State of Texas, was created by an Act of the State of Texas Legislature effective August 28, 1989. The District was created and organized for the purpose of constructing water, sewer and drainage facilities and providing water and sewer services to customers within its boundaries and in the surrounding area. The District’s first Board of Directors meeting was held on June 19, 1991.

The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors (the Board) that has been elected by District residents or appointed by the Board.

In 2000 the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) purchased the water and sewer system from the MUD, therefore, the MUD no longer provides water and sewer services. In March, 2012 the LCRA sold its water and sewer system to the West Travis County Public Utility Authority (PUA). The West Travis County PUA now provides all water and sewer service to the MUD residents.

At an election held within the District on March 15, 1997, voters authorized a total of $16,700,000 combination unlimited tax and revenue bonds for facilities. On September 19, 2001, the district issued $2,670,000 of these bonds dated August 1, 2001. The bonds mature serially on September 1, in each year 2004 through 2024.

The bonds are payable from ad valorem taxes, without legal limitation as to rate or amount, levied against taxable property within the District. The Texas Water Code authorizes the District to levy a tax each October 1 on the assessed value listed as of the prior January 1 for all real and business personal property located within its boundaries. Assessed values are established annually by the Travis Central Appraisal District.

The proceeds from the sale of the bonds was used to reimburse developers of land in the District for construction and engineering costs of water quality and drainage facilities to serve Lake Pointe. Bond proceeds was also used to pay the District’s pro rata share of costs applicable to water quality and drainage relating to permits, costs associated with creation of the District and developer interest, and to pay certain costs related to the issuance of the bonds.

In October 2011, the District issued the $1,935,000 West Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 5 Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2011, to currently refund $1,935,000 of previously issued Series 2001 bonds in order to lower its overall debt service requirements. The current refunding resulted in an economic gain of $159,080. The bonds will mature in 2024.

Services Provided by the District:

Drainage and Parks, Preserve Maintenance

Location of the District:

The District is located in the Lake Pointe subdivision of Travis County. Lake Pointe originally had some sections that were┬áin the Austin ETJ, but that was changed in the 90’s. Lake Pointe is now in the City of Bee Cave ETJ.